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Art at Tokyo Tech 2011 Autumn and Winter 〜A Look from Abroad IX Sound into Color〜


 We are pleased to present our international program by Chika Murakami, Nahoko Sawa, Kisayo Katada, Akio Suzuki, Hiromi Miyakita and Daphne Fitzpatrick for creating unexpected experiences with sounds into colors.


(2)2011 November 29 (Tue) 18:30-20:00
  • Palette of Sound by Akio Suzuki and Hiromi Miyakita

  • 2011 November 29 (Tue) 18:30-20:00

  • ○Akio Suzuki ○Hiromi Miyakita

  • ○Part 1 Multi-layers orchestra: Akio Suzuki and his students

    ○Part 2 Music and Dance: Dancer?Hiromi Miyakita

  • [Venue]: West 9 Building, Ookayama Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology
    (No parking is available.Take a Tokyu Oimachi Line / Tokyu Meguro Line train and get off at Ookayama
    station.West 9th Bldg., is approximately less than five minutes walk from the station.) access
  • [Admission Free but 280 seats only(First-come-first-served basis)]
  • [Profile]

Akio Suzuki 

 Akio Suzuki:Akio Suzuki, known as a pioneer of sound art, began his journey as an artist in 1963 with a performance at Nagoya station. During the sixties, he explored the processes of "throwing" and "following", taking the natural world as his collaborator. In the seventies he invented an echo instrument he named Analapos. As an extension of the principles underlying Analapos, Suzuki constructed the Hinatabokko no kukan (Space in the Sun) in 1988. This space consists of two huge parallel walls, in between which the artist can sit all day and purify his hearing by listening to the reflected sounds of nature. From the late seventies and through the eighties, Suzuki developed Conceptual Soundwork, and performed at leading music festivals,Festival d'Automne (Paris, 1978) and Documenta 8 (Kassel, 1987). In the nineties, Suzuki focused on listening and presented soundless sound installations such as Otodate.

Hiromi Miyakita 

  Hiromi Miyakita:Graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,Department of Dance in 1997. She performed in “Utsutsunare” created by dots performing arts company during the Arion Music Festival in Tokyo in 2004 and in “It is written there.” choreographed by Zan Yamashita, which was invited by iDans festival in Istanbul, Turkey in 2009, Hiromi showed her solo work “Mankind” in the Art Theater dB Kobe Opening performance and also joined the project of Arkadi Zaides from Israel. In 2010, in her experimental performance “Portable Music Player and Dance”, the audiences listened to the music they chose and Hiromi danced in silence. She founded a contemporary dance company "Hiromi Miyakita / Gal?pagosBand" in 2010, and choreographed “The Death of i.i.”.