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Art at Tokyo Tech 2012 Spring and Summer 〜A Look form Abroad X: a sense of water〜


We are very pleased to present international program “A Look from abroad X: A sense of Water” at art at Tokyo Tech. Aaron Van Dyke, Tadashi Suenaga and Masanori Oishi with Los Guaracheros from Tokyo Tech will wake us up by giving their sense of water as a start of our communication.


(1)2012 July 4
Los Guaracheros

 (1)2012 July 4(Wed.) 18:30-20:00

 Latin Jazz Big band concert: Los Guaracheros


(2)2012 July 12

 (2)2012 July 12(Thu.) 18:30-20:00

  Aaron Van Dyke Artist Talk "Water as Reflection"


(3)2012 July 19
Masanri Oishitadashi suenaga

 (3)2012 July 19(Thu.) 18:30-20:00

 Tadashi Suenaga Piano Recital with Masanori Oishi
   “Water Reflects Everything"