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Zeng Lishun
 「Constructing fair single round robin tournaments regarding strength groups with a minimum number of breaks」

日時 10月24日(水) 12:25〜13:05
場所 西9号館 2階 コラボレーションルーム
報告者 大学院社会理工学研究科 経営工学専攻 水野研究室 
博士課程3年 Zeng Lishun
発表概要 This work deals with a problem in sports scheduling, in which we are required to schedule the fixture of games for a number of teams. Two constraints in scheduling single round robin tournaments are considered: breaks and strength groups. Alternative home and away games are desirable and thus the number of breaks (consecutive home or away games) are usually minimized. Constraints regarding strength groups are considered for fairness such that no team plays with extreme strong or weak teams consecutively. We propose a new constructive method for a tournament with both constraints.
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