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原 嘉志
 「China and its Emerging Civil Society」

日時 6月13日(金) 12:25〜13:05
場所 西9号館 3階 318号研究科会議室
報告者 価値システム専攻 蟹江研究室 博士後期課程1年
原嘉志(Hiroshi Hara) 氏
発表概要 China during the past few decades has been characterized by dramatic transformations in the economy, society and even, to a certain extent, in politics. As the country prospers to become one of the most powerful economic giants in the global community and seeks its “rightful place in the sun” in the global order, China has been confronted with an increasing number of diverse social issues which the government alone cannot cope with much less resolve, due to their complexity. This dilemmatic situation has generated political pressures from the people in the sense of demanding accountability from the government and the responsiveness to address the plethora of socio-economic problems, which coexist with their country’s fast economic growth and the much-acclaimed “Rise of China.” This has provided the basis for certain significant implications for the rise of ‘civil society’ in China. Thus, this workshop-seminar is aimed at providing comprehensive discussions on contemporary China’s society and its emerging civil society.