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Exhibition by StyleNORWAY

People of Norway much appreciate the comfortable living space for the long winter time. They make account of functionality as well as design for the furniture. Please feel their pursuit for comfortable living by yourself.

* You can try recliners for the exhibition.

・Schedule Through the Week
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Stressless, celebrated 40th anniversary last year, provides you with comfortable seat that follows your body’ s movements. Stressless is designed and manufactured by EKORNES in Norway (founded in 1934), the largest Scandinavian furniture company. And it has been sold over 7 million in the world since 1971. It has got three-dimensional trademark also in Japan. 。




Scandinavian people cherish the daily life. Chairs and Sofa designed carefully are settled in the center of living room for the relaxed time of families. Simmons, as a leading agency in Japan and Asian region, has been introducing the products of Fjords, the essential brand of HJELLEGJERD, Norwegian furniture company founded in 1941.




STOKKE is the brand for children goods, founded in Norway. All the products are designed for children and grow with them. Tripp Trapp, the highchair, makes comfortable seating for any age with correct adjustment of its seat and foot plate. This enables baby and the family to gather around the table more enjoyable.




HELLY HANSEN, founded in 1877 in Norway is the oldest company for water proof wears. It also developed the foundation of Fleece and Under. Starting outdoor lines in addition to marine lines, with its concept “from ocean to mountain” , it has been carefully making simple and durable products, taking over the Scandinavian design. It will give comfortable and functional supports to all the outdoor sports, “from ocean to mountain”.




Troll, the fairy living in the nature, has been passed down in Norway:the country of beautiful nature with sea and forest. They will bring the happiness to the person in return to his kindness. Totoro, in the film “My neighbor Totoro” also took its model from this Troll. There are Troll collectors all over the world, attracted by their numerous legends and characteristics. You may have a chance to encounter the wonderful experience and happiness with Troll beside you.


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