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Day 2 November 22nd (Tue.)
      Swedish Education and Welfare System

-Hands-on Learnings  Environmental Education, LEAF, Learning from Forests

・Date 10:30-12:00 (5th and 6th Graders)
13:40-15:30 (3rd and 4th Graders)
・Venue Tokyo Tech Ookayama Campus 
Ookayama Area West Building 9 2nd Fl. (for the rainy weather)
or Collaboration Room and Ookayama North Area Outdoor Greenary  MAP
・Instructor FEE Japan (Foundation for Environmental Education) The Head of the Board, Shoko Itoh
FEE Japan LEAF Program Instructors
・Participants Ootaku Shimizukubo Elementary School 3rd to 6th graders
・Visitors Visitors are welcomed. Any inquiry, please contact secretaty for Sweden Week below


As "Forest Kindergarten" is well known in the Nordic countries,they actively have the school classes inside the forests. Kids realize the function of forests and start to feel and think about coexistence with forests.
Environmental Education Program, LEAF (Learning about Forests) formaly started their programs in 1999 on the base of such environmetal educations in the Nordic countries. And it has been adopted as one of the programs of Global NGO, Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) since 2000.
LEAF has offered environmetal education about forest and its value to children all over the world,mainly by the activities with self participation and practice. In Japan, FEE Japan also has developed the LEAF programs in elementary schools, junior high schools and summer schools.
In this event, 3rd to 6th graders of Ootaku Shimizukubo Elementary School will participate LEAF programs and learn from the forests under LEAF instructors, in the greenary of Tokyo Tech Ookayama Campus.
We expect that this will become the good opportunity to grow their interests to local natural environment.

FEE Japan LEAF Program LEAF Website
            (LEAF program logo from http://www.feejapan.org/)

-Lect=ures  Swedish Welfare Policy For the Aging Society
        Status of Women in Sweden

・Date 15:00-17:00
・Venue Tokyo Tech Ookayama Campus Ookayama Area West Building 9 2nd Fl. Digital Hall MAP
・Reservation Please give your name and contact numbers beforehand to secretaty for Sweden Week below
In case there are spaces left, we welcome the visitors without reservation.


MAIHAMA CLUB Co., Ltd., Executive Manager,  Gustav Strandell
Visited first Japan as an exchange student of high school. Graduated from Stockholm University. Researched and Studied on Welfare for the aging society in both Sweden and Japan. By the nomination of Sweden Embassy of Japan, established Sweden Care Institute (SCI) and worked as a managing director. Visited the fields of aging care at all over the Japan and gave dozen of lectures about Swedish culture, welfare, dementia and so on.
私たちの認知症 自分らしく生きるための「ケア・ツリー」とは?Currently exert himself to practice and disseminate his idea as the executive manager of MAIHAMA CLUB Co., Ltd.
Part-time lecturer of Toyama University. Semiprofessional at Kendo.

Work 『私たちの認知症 自分らしく生きるための
    「ケア・ツリー」とは?』 (幻冬舎 2009年)
           (cover image from http://www.amazon.co.jp)

Sustainable Sweden Association Board member, Japan Representative,
Lena Lindahl

Worked for Globe International, The Japan Institute of Scandinavian Studies, Natural Step Japan (NPO for Environmental Education). Has Worked as a Board member, Japan Representative of Sustainable Sweden Association since 2005. Gives lectures and writes articles about environmental activities and policies of both Sweden and Japan. Has worked as an interface between Sweden and Japan, especially in the field of sustainability, environment and energy since 1989.

Sweden Environment News (Lena's Official Website) Website


[PART 1 Presentation by Lecturers]

Gustav Strandell  Swedish Welfare Policy -For the Aging Society
After the review of Swedish welfare policy, will have an explanation of CARE TREE, his idea for the aging society,and his daily efforts at MAIHAMA CLUB. Also will give a clue about the technology and its development necessary for active lives of older people.

Lena Lindahl   Status of Women in Sweden
After the review of Swedish policy for the women in the society and family, will talk about the Swedish women refering to the own experience and works in the field of environment and energy.

[PART 2 Floor Discussion]
Deepen our understandings about Swedish welfare policy, idea and practice for the active life of every individual through Q & A between the floor and the lecturers.

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