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Day4 November 24th(Thu.)
    Swedish Environment and Energy Policy

- Symposium
   Can Low- Energy Houses contribute to the Post-Disaster Reconstruciton in Tohoku?
   : A Dialogue among citizens and experts from Sweden and Japan

・Date 14:00-18:00
・Venue Tokyo Tech Ookayama Campus Ookayama Area West Building 9 2nd Fl. Digital Hall MAP
・Reservation Please give your name and contact numbers beforehand to secretaty for Sweden Week below
In case there are spaces left, we welcome the visitors without reservation


  • Tokyo Tech Global COE Program, Multidisciplinary Education and Research Center for Energy Science <web>,
    Assistant Professor, Naoki Takuma (Moderator)

  • Lund University, Energy and Building Design<web>,
    Head of the Division, Maria Wall

  • Tohoku University, Graduate School of Engineering,Department of Building Design and Architecture<web>,
    Professor, Hiroshi Yoshino

  • Iwate Prefecture Oofunato-shi Sanriku-cho Okirai, The Post-Disaster Rreconstruction Committee,
    Representative, Ken-etsu Suzuki

  • One Planet Cafe <web>,
    Co-Representative, Environmental Consultant for Sustainability, Peo Ekberg

・Language Japanese and English with interpretation


The Symposium disucusses whether Low-Energy Housing can contribute to the post-disaster recovery process from 3.11 Disaster in Tohoku District. While making proposal for the new housing plan and energy usage,it will discuss the tie between technology and the local community refering to the Swedish cases.

There are variety of plans for the introduction of renewable energy to the Tohoku District, while it is little recognized that this requires a large reduction in energy consumption. Low energy house technology, if diffused, can achieve a significant energy reduction. Putting together with the fact that several tens of thousands of houses must be provided in the afflicted area, we have to think about whether low energy houses can really contribute to the post-disaster recovery process, in terms of the user preferences, the costs, the resilence to disaster, and so on.

We invite not only experts of low-energy architecture from Sweden and Tohoku Japan, but also citizen from afflicted site for the panelists. This is because the design of houses is not only determined by the architects and engineers,but also by the users, who choose, live and operate the houses.

Symposium Program Detail, File (wd.)Download

- structure of passive house
            (image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passive_house)

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