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Sweden Week

Tokyo Insititute of Technology, Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology has led the 5 year project with various activities, "Norden at Tokyo Tech" (year 2009 to year 2013).
In this project, we target the Nordic countries as the model of excellent society with the harmony between technology and human-society. Our goal is to propose the solution how to apply the Nordic Model to Japanese Society toward the effective utilization of technology, based on the discussion through the project.
This year autumn, we will hold one week festival focused on Sweden, following Finland Week (2009) and Denmark Week (2010).

Sweden has lead the world in terms of "Sustainable Development", realizing both of economical prosperity and high quality of life, while coexisting with the natural environment.
In our festival, we will examine again this " Sweden Model" through a variety of lectures, symposiums and hands-on learnings. We welcome participants on various hands besides faculties and students of Tokyo Tech, to share what we learn from Swedish society. Also we expect that our festival would have any significance for Japanese rebuilding efforts after the 3.11 Disaster.

Our festival is cosponsored by Tokyo Tech 130th Anniversary Project.

Sweden Week Schedule

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