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・TIT 130 Anniversary Project Report

・TIT CHRONICLE No.472 January 2012 page 23.-


Advertisement of Sweden Week at Jiyugaoka Station, Tokyu Ooimachi Line. Students wearing Swedish traditional costumes. “Swedish traditional games”, Sleeping bear. “Swedish traditional games”, What is inside the box? Dala horse. Speech by the President Iga. “Sweden Now:people, industry and society“, Moderator, Assoc. Prof. Dai Senoo and Lecturer, Adam Beije, Head of Press, Information and Cultural Affairs, Embassy of Sweden. Team presentations by the students of our graduate school. Discussion between  the lecturer and students. Lecturer awarded the students certificates of contribution. Lecturer and the students. “Learning about Forests (LEAF) “ at Tokyo Tech Gourd Pond, talking about gifts from the forests, link between the forest and our lives. Let' s measure the height of trees by twigs. Find the things correspond to the image of onomatopoeia. Show and tell them to your friends. Autumn leaves. Lecturer, Gustav Strandell for “Swedish Welfare Policy for the Aging Society“ and Lecturer Lena Lindahl for “Status of Women in Sweden“. Lecturer, Yasufumi Yamashita for “Swedish Language and Literature“. Audience, listening closely to the lectures. 「Lecturer, Akira Takagishi for “Swedish Art and Design“. 「Lecturer, Akira Toba for “Introduction to Swedish Music“. Explanation about Nyckelharpa, Swedish traditional instrument by Lecturer, Kazuko Kamakura. Performance of Nyckelharpa and  the accordion. Performance opportunity for the audience Reception party with Swedish foods. Explanation of disaster on 11 Mar. 2011 by citizens’ representative, doctor Kenetsu Suzuki at the symposium, “Can Low-Energy Houses contribute to the Post- Disaster Reconstruction in Tohoku?: A Dialogue among citizens and experts from Sweden and Japan“. 講Lecturers. From the left, Asst. Prof. Naoki Takuma, Prof. Hiroshi Yoshino, Mr. Peo Ekberg and  Ms. Maria Wall. Discussion about promotion for Low-Energy Houses at Tohoku. Symposium, “Global Competitiveness of  Swedish Industry and Companies: Sustainable Management and CSR“. Lecturers. From the left, Mr. Akihiro Sunaga, Mr. Thomas Ostergren、Mr. Sven Eriksson and Mr. Hiroshi Yoshino. Reception party with light meals.
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