Programs for International Students

General Information

Our graduate school welcomes both degree-seeking students and non-degree seeking students (International Exchange Students, International Visiting Students, Research Students) from all over the world. For the general information of examination and admission process, please visit the website, Prospectus for International Students .

International Graduate Program

Our graduate school offers International Graduate Program (IGP(A) and IGP(C)) that enables international students to earn Master’s or/and Doctoral degree organized only in English with no prerequisite of Japanese, in addition to regular graduate program conducted in Japanese with general examination process. IGP(A) has its specific curriculum coordinated by all the departments of our graduate school. IGP(C) follows the curriculum of each department.

International Program on Effective Utilization of Technology (IGP(A) Program through academic year 2007 to 2012)

  • Targeted on students who majored not only engineering but also managerial subjects, social sciences and the humanities as undergraduates.
  • Provide students with knowledge and skills on utilizing various technologies, as well as concepts and approaches to applying them to new objects, issues and technologies.
  • Integrated doctoral education program, designed to obtain Master’s and Doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees in minimum three years.
  • Opportunities to receive the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship through our graduate school recommendation.

International Graduate Program for Global Leaders on Engineering Systems with Humanities, Social Sciences, and Cultural Studies (IGP-GLES) (IGP(A) Program from academic year 2013 to present)

  • Bring up future global leaders in various fields to solve essential problems on engineering systems.
  • Courses on knowledge of human, organizations, societies, cultures, science and technology, and famed Japanese style management technologies to achieve its goal.
  • Interactive discussion, presentation and transdisciplinary workshops to obtain global perspectives with clear visions for hyper - industrial societies.
  • Expand network of students, instructors, and experts involved in the program.
  • Master’s program and Doctoral (Ph.D.) program with opportunities to receive the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship through our graduate school recommendation.

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