About our Graduate School

 With the rapid development of advanced technologies, as demonstrated in information technology, biotechnology and new materials, the industrialized nations have moved into the hyper-industrial society in early 21st century. While people can enjoy new opportunities and potentials by those technologies, nations have to handle numerous problems, such as the deterioration of the global environment and conflicts over those technologies. In additiion, the emergence of new technology related to our fundamental lives such as genetic engineering has caused tension between technology and humankind.

 We can not solve those problems only by development of advanced technology. It is essential for us to effectively design and implement the interface between technology and humankind. In meeting this challenge, to explore the new academic frontiers in the interface problems,we established the Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

 The goal of our Graduate School is to educate our students to theoretically analyze and study the problems of hyper-industrial society, to propose concrete idea and ways, for the creation of society with the harmony between technology and humankind.

 Tokyo Institute of Technology has been recognized as the leading educational and research institution in the field of science and technology. The establishment of our Graduate School along with the creation of the new academic field will be a history-making challenge for it to develop itself into truly global higer educational institution.

Initiatives and Structure of our Graduate School

 Our Graduate School was established in 1996 at Ookayama campus under the institutional restructuring and the development focused on graduate school education. Our Graduate School consists of the following four departments:

Relation with Undergraduate Education

The roles of our faculties in undergraduate education are as follows:


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