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Norden at Tokyo Tech Project
  -Toward the Proposal of Solution for Building Excellent Society-

Learning from Nordic Society -Our Goal-


Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology(DST) has led the activity to deepen the tie between Tokyo Tech and Nordic countries through our 5 year project, 'Norden at Tokyo Tech' (year 2009 to year 2013).

Tokyo Tech has concluded 8 University-Wide Agreements on Academic Exchange with the universities in Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Moreover, DST has concluded School-to-School Agreement on Academic Exchange with Faculty of Information Technology and Agora Human Technology Center, University of Jyväskylä in Finland since 2009 March, and has promoted active exchange of students and faculties.Also, many faculties in DST co-organize their researches together with universities and academic institutions in Nordic countries.

Nordic countries have achieved in building the human-oriented society, showing strength in the area of education, welfare, environmental protection and so on, with sharing the value among them in realization of quality life.
From this point of view, we consider the Nordic society to be gainful as our good reference.

DST was founded in 1996, targeting the goal in creating the society with the harmony between human society on one hand and science and technology on the other hand, by desingning and implementing a more effective interface to link them together.Towards this goal, the effective utilization of technology for human society, it will be much meaningful that we learn from Nordic society and deepen the tie with them through our project.We will learn from Nordic society, harmonious community, secured old age, the way to realize human oriented technology, while introducing our proud achievement of technology in Tokyo Tech to them, so that we could reach Win-Win situation at last.

Of course it must be difficult to follow the Nordic Model as is, considering such as overwhelming difference of population. Our goal of this project is to propose the solution how to apply the Nordic Model to Japanese society over the difference of institution among us, after the discussion through 5 years.


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Last Update: 2012.7.19