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Tokyo Tech Special Education Research Courses

Special Education Research Courses are cross-sectional and flexible educational project bases especially established in each graduate school, responding to advancement and diversification of graduate school education and research. They open to students in all the graduate schools who will be trained with cutting edged and practical courses.

Please visit website of Office for the Educational Promotion regarding the list of courses.

As for the procedure of registration and recognition of completion, please refer to the syllabus and website of each course. Please contact the administrative office or director of each course for further inquiry. (Reference: 2014 Study Guidance, No.7 Guidance for Special Education Research Courses)

Graduate School Special Education Research Courses

Our graduate school of Decision Science and Technology offers Special Education Research Courses as the list below. Please download registration form here. Please print on both sides of paper, fill in and submit to the office of our graduate school (Room 205 on the 2nd floor of West 9 building).

   Name of the Course Opening
Opening Term Director No. of
Study Guidance
 1  Economic and
Mathematical Sciences
Social Engineering Apr.1st,2007-
Shigeo Muto Ⅶ.1
 2  Education Program on
Consensus Building
Value and Decision Science Apr.1st,2008-
Takehiro Inohara Ⅶ.3  link

* The list is in the order of start date for each course.