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Tokyo Tech Domestic Exchange Program

Students are able to take subjects provided by other departments of our graduate school and other graduate schools of Tokyo Tech. Also, they are allowed to take subjects provided by universities which have agreements of academic exchange with Tokyo Tech, such as the Association of Four Major Study Charter, the agreement concluded in March 2001 between Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and Tokyo Tech. Academic credits obtained in such universities may be recognized by Tokyo Tech (Reference: Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School Regulations Article 28-3, Article 33).

Regarding the procedure for registration and academic credit recognition, please refer to Study Guidance. Application forms are available at the Graduate Group office of Student Division.

(Reference: 2012 Study Guidance, No.1 General guidance, No.11 Agreements of academic exchange)

Graduate School Domestic Exchange Program

Our Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology individually has concluded School-to-School Agreements of academic exchange with universities inside Japan as the list below.

Partner University URL Date of Conclusion Note
1 Graduate School of Economics, Hitotsubashi University リンク April, 2002
2 Graduate School of Economics, Keio University リンク April, 2007 *
3 Graduate School of Economics, Waseda University リンク April, 2008
4 Graduate School of Political Science, Waseda University リンク April, 2009

*The agreement with Keio University has the following two programs other than the mutual registration
  of the subjects. Please ask the Graduate Group office of Student Division about the procedure
  for registration and application forms required.

  • Program of Minor Major : Students will receive Certificate of Minor Major from Graduate School of Economics, Keio University as well as degree from Tokyo Tech, provided they fulfill the program requirement.
  • Joint Degree Program: Students will receive master degree from Tokyo Tech(Master of Science or
    Master of Engineering) and Keio University(Master of Economics) in 3 years.