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Art at Tokyo Tech 2014 Summer ~ Close your eyes gently

(1)2014 Jun 4
Madomoiselle CinemaLos itou
  • Naoko Itoh, Mademoiselle Cinema's Tokyo tales
     Part Ⅰ Tales of Tokyo Tech students
     Part Ⅱ Tales of Mademoiselle Cinema

  • 2014 Jun 4(Wed.) 18:30-20:15

  • ○Naoko Itoh
    ○Mademoiselle Cinema

  • [Venue]: West 9 Building, Ookayama Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology
    (No parking is available.Take a Tokyu Oimachi Line / Tokyu Meguro Line train and get off at Ookayama
    station.West 9th Bldg., is approximately less than five minutes walk from the station.) access

  • [Admission Free but 280 seats only(First-come-first-served basis)]

  • [Leaflet]:download[PDF]

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    Tales of Tokyo Tech students  Tales of Mademoiselle Cinema  Tales of Mademoiselle Cinema 

  • [Profile]

Naoko Itoh

She founded Session House in 1991 atKagurazaka, Tokyo, which is a small theater for dance performance. And she has carried out lots of dance program and made an effort to promote young dancers. She organized Mademoiselle Cinema for the resident dance company of Session House. Since then she has created few new pieces every year and carried out their performance tour in Japan and foreign countries. She received the New Artist Award of the Dance Department at the National Arts Festival 2008 of the Agency for Cultural Aff airs. And she was presented the Audience Prize at Gryfi no International Art Festival 2011 in Poland.

Mademoiselle Cinema

Mademoiselle Cinema, the resident dance company of Session House [based in Kagurazaka, Tokyo], was formed in 1993.The dance company is under the creative leadership of choreographer Naoko Ito. Since 1998, they have performed as[Travelling Dance] in several cities in Japan, as well as in several foreign countries. In 2008, Naoko Ito received the New Artist Prize at the Art Festival sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan. The dance ensemble was awarded the Audience Prize at the Gryfino International Festival in Poland in 2011. They have also participated in the Sibiu International Theatre Festival in Rumania [2008], and most recently, at the Avignon Theatre Festival in France[2013].