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Art at Tokyo Tech 2014 Summer 〜Close your eyes gently


 We are pleased to presen“Close your eyes gently” as the 2014 summer program for Art at Tokyo Tech. Bodily performance, Biwa play and Latin sound will help to free us from our bonds of the present time and space. Your participation will greatly contribute to the success of the program


(1)2014 Jun 4
Madomoiselle CinemaLos itou

 (1)2014 Jun 4(Wed.) 18:30-20:15

 Naoko Itoh, Mademoiselle Cinema

 "Tokyo tales"

Part Ⅰ Tales of Tokyo Tech students
Part Ⅱ Tales of Mademoiselle Cinema


(2)2014 Jun 24

 (2)2014 Jun 24(Tue.) 18:30-20:00

 Kanako Kitahara

 ~Can you see the color of sounds?~


(3)2014 July 16
Los Guaracheros

 (3)2014 July 16(Wed.) 18:30-20:00

 Los Guaracheros

 Latin Jazz Big Band concert